CINAR Postdoctoral Scholar Position for 2013-2014

The Cooperative Institute for the North Atlantic Region (CINAR) announces a competition for a Postdoctoral Scholar Fellowship at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI).

CINAR is a cooperative institute between NOAA and a consortium of academic partners (Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Rutgers University, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, and University of Maine, and WHOI). See

PROGRAM The mission of CINAR is to “conduct and coordinate cutting-edge research to enable informed decisions by NOAA for sustainable and beneficial management of the U.S. Northeast Atlantic shelf.” The activities of CINAR are organized around five broad themes: Ecosystem Forecasting, Ecosystem Monitoring, Ecosystem Management, Protection and Restoration of Resources, and Sustained Ocean Observations and Climate Research. New research programs are being developed in each of these areas in collaboration with NOAA, NOAA laboratories, and CINAR partners. The Postdoctoral Scholar will be resident at WHOI. The successful candidate is expected choose a research project related to CINAR, to interact closely with NOAA-funded investigators at WHOI, to visit and interact with investigators at NOAA laboratories and to advance collaborations between WHOI and the broad range of NOAA research activities. The Fellowship Program also provides successful applicants the opportunity to participate in Woods Hole seminars and study groups and to develop collaborative research with other members of the Scientific and Technical Staff at WHOI.

ELIGIBILITY Applicants must have completed a doctoral level degree (within the past 3 years) with interests in the above-mentioned theme areas. Applicants will be judged based upon academic record, research promise, and the relevance of their scientific interests to research themes of CINAR. Successful applicants will receive a stipend of $57,000 per year for an 18-month appointment, plus a relocation allowance. All appointees are eligible for group health and dental insurance. In addition, limited support is available for travel expenses, equipment, supplies and special services.

APPLICATION Completed applications will be accepted up to January 5, 2013 for consideration for Postdoctoral Scholar Awards for 2013-2014. In addition to the application form, the following are required: transcripts of the applicant’s complete undergraduate and graduate records; a current CV or resume; a minimum of three non-WHOI recommendations; a brief synopsis of the applicant's doctoral dissertations; a concise statement describing research interests, in particular those the applicant would like to pursue at WHOI, as well as more general career plans. Communication with potential WHOI advisors prior to submitting an application is strongly encouraged. Announcement of awards will be made by March 1.

Further information and application forms may be obtained through the Academic Program section of the WHOI web pages at, or by writing directly to:

The Fellowship Committee
Academic Programs Office٠Clark Laboratory٠MS #31
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
266 Woods Hole Road٠Woods Hole, MA 02543-1541
Telephone: (508) 289-2950٠ E-mail:

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