CINAR Annual Progress Reports

CINAR Annual Progress Reports

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Workshop Reports

Quantifying Connectivity among Populations and Communities: How do we get connected?

February 22 - 24, 2011, Linthicum Heights, MD

Steering Committee
Hongsheng Bi (UMCES), Bob Steneck(UMaine), Jason Stockwell(GMRI), Dale Haidvogel (Rutgers), Simon Thorrold (WHOI), Ed Houde (UMCES), Tom Miller (UMCES), Tom Noji (NOAA), Jon Hare (NOAA), Jason Link(NOAA)

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Climate and Ecosystem Change in the NW Atlantic

March 1-3, 2011, Woods Hole, MA

Steering Committee
Workshop A :
Andrew Pershing (UMaine/GMRI), Fei Chai (UMaine), Charles Stock (NOAA), Ellen Mecray (NOAA)

Workshop B :
Jeffrey Runge (UMaine), Heidi Sosik (WHOI), Oscar Schofield (Rutgers), Michael Fogarty (NOAA)

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Developing a Conceptual Framework for the Contribution of the Social Sciences to Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management (EBFM)

May 2-4, 2011, Woods Hole, MA

Steering Committee
Porter Hoagland (WHOI), Bonnie McCay (Rutgers), Matt McPherson (NOAA), Eric Thunberg, (NOAA), Andy Solow (WHOI), Kevin St. Martin (Rutgers)

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Shelfbreak Ecosystem Workshop

January 07-08,2013 Warick, RI

Steering Committee

Glen Gawarkiewicz (WHOI), Gareth Lawson (WHOI), Peg Parker (CFRF), Jon Hare (NOAA), Paula Fratantoni   (NOAA)

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Bilateral Coordination and Collaboration for Climate Service Delivery

September 10-11, 2013
University of Maine - Orono, ME

Steering Committee

Ellen Mcray (NOAA), Bill Appleby, Andrew Milliken (NOAA), Kathleen Baskin, John McPherson( NOAA) Robert Capozi, Sherry Godlewsk, Adam Fenech, Andrew Pershing, Elizabeth Hert, Martin Boulerice, Vandana Rao, Rick Fleetwood,Will A Green, Cara Patton

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CINAR Publications


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